As an RV owner, you’ve perfected the art of living minimally and making the most of limited space. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up your houseplants. Bringing greenery on the road improves your home on wheels and benefits your physical and mental health. With the right advice and creativity, your on-the-go garden will thrive. Here are a few clever ideas and tips for keeping and caring for houseplants in your RV.

Caring for Houseplants in your RV

Houseplants on the Road

When traveling with houseplants, choose varieties that can survive various conditions. Top-heavy plants, plants with delicate foliage, or plants prone to shock are not suitable for an RV. Instead, choose sturdy, easy-to-maintain options such as succulents, spider plants, or pothos. These plants are ideal for small spaces as they don’t require frequent watering. Before hitting the road, verify plants are securely anchored and won’t tip over during your travels.

Location is Essential for Houseplants in Your RV

Just like in a stationary home, the location of your houseplants within your RV will impact their health and longevity. Consider lighting, temperature, and humidity when deciding where to place your plants. A sunny window may seem like the best spot, but be wary of plants getting too much direct sun. Keep plants away from vents and drafty areas with temperature fluctuations.

Choose the Right Containers

Planters made out of breakable materials, like terracotta, are not the best choice for an RV. Instead, choose sturdy containers made of durable plastic with adequate drainage to prevent root rot. Find them online, at garden centers, or home decor stores.

Care for Houseplants in Your RV

Living in an RV means constantly moving, which may contribute to dirt and dust from the road accumulating on your plants. Regularly wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to keep them clean and healthy. For larger plants, take them outside and shower them with a gentle spray of water. Just let them dry before bringing them back inside to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Follow a Schedule

Proper watering is key to keeping your houseplants alive and thriving. Avoid over or under-watering plants by creating a watering schedule based on the specific needs of each plant. Use a moisture meter to determine when plants need water and follow a consistent routine. Taking the time to care for your plants is a relaxing break from the hectic pace of RV travel.

Bringing greenery into your RV can be rewarding. By choosing the right plants, location, and containers and following a consistent care routine, you’ll enjoy the benefits of houseplants no matter where you go. Your RV will feel more like home, and you’ll reap the mental and physical health advantages of being surrounded by nature.


How can I ensure my houseplants stay healthy in the changing environment of an RV?
The location within your vehicle plays a role in your houseplants’ well-being. Avoid placing sensitive plants in direct sunlight or drafty areas.

How can I ensure my houseplants receive the right amount of light in an RV without over-exposing them?
While it’s common to place houseplants near windows for sunlight, the mobile nature of RVs introduces additional considerations. Finding the balance between adequate and too much direct sunlight is key. Learn about the specific care requirements of each of your plants.

Do houseplants help improve air quality in an RV?
Houseplants are a natural and efficient way to boost air quality. Spider plants, peace lilies, and snake plants have air-purifying capabilities, filtering out common pollutants and releasing oxygen. Houseplants act as miniature air purifiers in the confined space of an RV, where ventilation can be a challenge.

Are there alternative and creative container options for houseplants in an RV aside from traditional pots?
Use hanging planters or macramé plant hangers to maximize vertical space, allowing plants to thrive without occupying floor area. Wall-mounted pockets or shoe organizers can serve as vertical gardens, turning the RV’s walls into a lush and vibrant display.

How can incorporating houseplants into an RV lifestyle contribute to well-being during travels?
Houseplants offer psychological and emotional benefits by filtering indoor air and reducing stress.

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