No matter what size or class RV you have, there’s always a need for more storage. Here are a few helpful tips so you can make the most of the space you have. Organize and declutter your RV to get the most out of your time on the road.

Ideas for RV Storage

1. Shop for Multipurpose Furniture

When choosing furniture for your RV, look for pieces that serve multiple purposes. A coffee table with storage beneath is a great example. You can also find fold-out sofas, storage ottomans, and beds with built-in shelving and drawers for books and clothing. A cutting board can fit over the stovetop burner to create more food prep space.

2. Buy a Smaller Version

When buying things for your RV, shop for collapsible or stackable items, especially for the kitchen. You’ll save space and optimize storage when your pots and mixing bowls conveniently nest together. A full-size clothing hamper may seem essential, but opt for a collapsible bin to store out of the way until needed.

3. Get Creative with Wall Space

Take advantage of the wall space. Hang baskets or shelves to hold frequently used items like towels, sunscreen, and bug spray. Install hooks and magnetic strips to hang pots, pans, utensils, or your keys. Purchase adhesive caddies to hold essentials like remote controls or toothbrushes. Stick the caddy to the wall, and you’ll have easy access to items.

4. Use Unused Spaces

Plenty of places in an RV can be used for storage if you get creative. For example, the area under your bed is great for storing out-of-season clothes or holiday decorations. Invest in racks that fit over the back of a door to hold towels, cleaning supplies, or nonperishable food items. There are smaller over-the-door shelves on the market to fit inside cabinets. Use the back of the cabinet door to store utensils, spices, or a paper towel holder.

5. Think Outside the Box for RV Storage

If you’re struggling to find a place to put something, think creatively. A laundry basket can be used as an impromptu coffee table or bedside table. A shower caddy can be hung from a hook to hold toiletries in the bathroom. A picnic basket is perfect for storing games, books, or other small items. Try to use what you have on hand.

Making the most of your RV storage doesn’t have to be complicated. By using multipurpose furniture, taking advantage of wall space, and getting creative, you will declutter your RV and organize the living spaces so you can enjoy your time on the road worry-free.

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